Life In Color: National Geographic Photographs

Colors define a lot about our world and ourselves—the season, our personalities and moods can be reflected in the colors surrounding us. National Geographic Books is showcasing the power of colors in a stunning new photography book, Life in Color: National Geographic Photographs (National Geographic Books; ISBN: 978-1-4262-0962-8; on sale now; $40 hardcover) with a foreword by designer Jonathan Adler.

Amager Beach, Denmark

Still waters lit by sunset surround three boulders.
© Zoran Djekic

Filled with 245 gorgeous images from world-renowned photographers, including Annie Griffiths and Brian Skerry, as well as amateur photographers who submitted their photographs through’s community engagement feature, “My Shot,” Life in Color walks readers through the spectrum. Each chapter focuses on a different color, flowing through the shades of the rainbow. Blue skies and green leaves fill the pages, but there are also surprising uses of each color—a purple pair of owl’s eyes or a yellow light reflecting off a forest of trees. Chapters open with short essays on the meaning and symbolism of each color, such as the friendliness of orange and the loudness of red. Inspirational quotes fill the pages, offering readers new insights into their favorite colors.

A golden idol marks the end of an indoor temple’s archway.
© Sean Ivester/National Geographic

Portland, Oregon

Gnarled Japanese maples shelter a moss-covered landscape.
© Emir Ibrahimpasic/National Geographic

Santa Barbara, California

A lily-laden pond reflects palm trees and an old Spanish mission.
© Dan Price/National Geographic

New Delhi, India

Hindus throw colored powder at a festival celebrating spring.
© Kalpana Chatterjee/National Geographic

Abbiategrasso, Italy

Dusk decorates an ancient fortress near Milan with color.
© Roberto Pagani/National Geographic

In addition to the visual appeal of the book, Life in Color also inspires the designer in each of us. The back of the book includes thumbnails of all the photographs available for purchase and instructions to do so. Readers can take their favorite photograph and use it as the inspiration to decorate their home or office.

“Colors ignite your senses, so prepare for sensory overload,” writes Adler in the book’s foreword. “The photographs in this book explode off the page; the saturated images will make you feel like you’re there. Keep it on your coffee table and feel alive. Surrender to these photographs and go on a whirlwind tour of the world.”

Life in Color: National Geographic Photographs (National Geographic Books; ISBN: 978-1-4262-0962-8; on sale now; $40 hardcover) is available at online booksellers as well as through bookstores nationwide or direct via

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