Lens vs. Lens Helps You Be a Smart Shopper by Comparing Photos Taken with Different Lenses

Earlier this month we wrote about the website What The Lens that’s designed to help you choose a perfect lens for your type of photography. The catch is that site is limited to Canon shooters. But now the new website Lens vs. Lens helps you be a smarter shopper by comparing actual photos taken with Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and Leica lenses, as well as those made by Canon.

Here’s how Lens vs. Lens works: First you select the brand that interests you, and then a drop-down menu provides a comprehensive list of lenses made by that manufacturer. You can do this with two lenses at a time.

Once you’ve selected the two lenses you want to compare, you can choose from among numerous pre-loaded photos taken with those lenses. You even have a choice of comparing images shot at specific exposure settings, and Lens vs. Lens also provides up-to-date pricing information.

It’s all pretty simple and the site is a real confidence builder, enabling you to make a more informed choice when purchasing your next lens. So visit the website and see for yourself. If you’re a Canon shooter take a look at our story about What the Lens, There’s also this video we shared that offers some expert advice on choosing the lens that’s right for you.