Learn Why One Pro Says “Edit Your Photos Before Deciding Which Ones to Keep” (VIDEO)

Back in the “old days,” photographers determined winning images from losers by examining transparencies on a light table, or spreading out prints on a desk. In the digital age, this culling process is equally tedious, but it’s accomplished on a computer. In the video below you’ll see one pro’s unique approach to the task.

For some photographers, the culling process begins during downtime at a shoot, with a quick glance at the camera’s LCD screen followed by a tap on the “delete” button. Other photographers wait until they get home to make a cursory review on the computer, before relegating less-impressive images to the trash.

But as you’ll see in the video below, landscape photographer Blake Rudis believes there’s more to a winning shot than can be recognized at first glance. For that reason, Rudis edits his images before deciding which ones to keep.

Rudis has discovered that a bit of editing in Adobe Camera Raw before synchronizing his settings across a similar group of images, often causes him to keep a photo that he might have otherwise deleted. After accomplishing this task, he’s far more confident in assessing the potential of every image in the sequence. And you may be too.

There are more great tips from Rudis on the f.64 Academy YouTube channel. And check out our earlier story with another pro’s approach to separating wheat from the chaff.

Via ISO 1200