Learn These Composition Tricks for Stunning Nature and Landscape Photographs (VIDEO)

Have you ever found yourself in a beautiful outdoor setting, only to be disappointed in the images you captured of the scene? That’s not an uncommon occurrence among less-experienced nature photographers, and the video below will help you solve the riddle.

Toma Bonciu is a Romanian pro specializing in landscape, nature, and adventure photography. In this tutorial he demonstrates three simple steps for unraveling the complexity of outdoor scenes, so you’ll be able to compose compelling photographs on your next outdoor excursion.

It’s not unusual to discover a picturesque trail or logging road while traveling through the backcountry, and Bonciu explains how to take advantage of these “compositional elements” by positioning yourself properly. He demonstrates why shooting from one side or the other, instead of from straight on, usually delivers the most pleasing results.

Bonciu also discusses the technique of drawing a viewer’s eye into a photograph through the use of leading lines and other composition devices that tend to accentuate what you feel is the most important element of a scene. You’ll see him shooting on location, using S-curves, natural wavy lines, and zigzag shapes to make some really nice images.

There are more helpful tips on Bonciu’s YouTube channel, and be sure to check out another tutorial of his we posted with three challenges he says you must overcome if you’re serious about nature photography.