Landscape Shooters: 3 Challenges You MUST Overcome If You’re Serious About Nature Photography (VIDEO)

Professional photographer Toma Bonciu travels the world shooting compelling landscape, adventure, and nature images. He’s also a popular instructor, and in the video below he reveals three challenges he says every landscape photographer must overcome if they’re serious about shooting the great outdoors.

Based in Romania, Bonciu says that photographers who always stow their gear after the sun drops below the horizon often miss out on a whole range of photographic opportunities. This may have to do with a “primordial fear” of darkness or the possibility of unseen wild animals. But if you suck it up and keep shooting after dark, you may not only learn something about yourself, but capture some awesome images in the process.

Bonciu also suggests that landscape photographers make a commitment to carry all the gear that’s essential for nature photography, and he provides a rundown of the equipment he puts in his pack. Depending upon the excursion, Bonciu takes 25-45 lbs. of photo gear, ranging from two camera bodies and a selection of lenses, to a sturdy tripod and various accessories.

We’ll let you watch the video to learn the rest of Bonciu’s tips, and you can find more helpful advice on his YouTube channel. And be sure to watch the earlier video of his we shared with 25 more tips for serious landscape photographers.