25 Landscape Photography Tips and Tricks That Will Deliver Spectacular Results (VIDEO)

We often turn to Toma Bonciu (AKA “Photo Tom”) for concise tutorials on shooting and editing landscape photographs. In the six-minute video below he provides 25 quick tips and tricks that are sure to deliver great results.

Bonciu is a professional nature photographer based in Romania, and while a few of these tips may be familiar, it’s great to have them all in one place and we recommend bookmarking this page for future reference. 

For this tutorial Bonciu illustrates the tips with his stunning photographs and explains the whys and hows of each shot. He’s a firm believer in getting up early and he explains how to capture dramatic images of early-morning fog blanketing mountain lakes, and shooting into the rising sun for dramatic silhouettes.

Water in its various forms is one of Bonciu’s favorite subjects, and he discusses using long exposures and ND filters to create a soft, ethereal look, and why shooting immediately after a rainstorm can result in spectaular images.

Bonciu also demonstrates the importance of changing your vantage point, shooting from both high and low angles and photographing scenes with frontlight, sidelight, and backlight.

You can find more tips from Bonciu on his YouTube channel, and be sure to check out a story we posted yesterday with a simple focus stacking technique for maximizing depth of field in landscape photos