Learn the Secrets to Epic Fall and Winter Photos with This One-Day Tour of the Swiss Alps (VIDEO)

Autumn is upon us and winter isn’t far behind. In the tutorial below you’ll learn one pro’s secrets for capturing spectacular landscape photos during the months ahead.

Thomas Heaton is an accomplished British nature photographer who regularly creates tutorials while shooting on location. In the video below he demonstrates a variety of autumn and winter photography tips during a one-day outing in the stunning Swiss Alps. And the images he uses as examples are really something special.

White winter conditions can be difficult for both photographers and gear, Heaton explains why, for the landscape photographer, “Clouds, snow and bad weather are just as good as clear weather and pink skies.”

Heaton offers a variety of tips on composition, exposure settings, and using lens filters to capture stunning moments of mood, atmosphere and drama during winter and autumn in the great outdoors. Noting that weather and lighting conditions often change rapidly, he stresses the importance of waiting for an opportune moment, and then acting quickly when it arises.

You can find more great tips on Heaton’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at a Lightroom tutorial we posted recently, explaining how to edit autumn photos for maximum impact.