Learn How to Overpower Sun When Shooting Outdoor Scenic Portraits Under Harsh Midday Light (VIDEO)

Sometimes it’s great to get outdoors and shoot environmental portraits with a real backdrop like Colorado’s Flatiron Mountains outside of Boulder. The problem is that unless you have some sweet golden-hour light, the harsh midday sun can make such a task very difficult.

In the video below from photographer Zach Gray and his wife Jody, you’ll learn how to overpower the sun and get beautiful scenic portraits under less-than-ideal conditions. Zach explains why both telephoto and wide-angle lenses are appropriate for a shoot like this, and demonstrates how you can use a couple of off-camera strobes to tame the sun.

You can find more lighting tutorials on the F. J. Westcott YouTube channel, and be sure to look at another story we posted on making eye-catching environmental portraits.