Learn 10 Photoshop Tricks & Hidden Features in 20 Minutes with This Helpful Tutorial (VIDEO)

Photoshop is such a comprehensive tool that it offers a wide array of capabilities that are unfamiliar to many photographers. Thanks to this fast-paced video tutorial from Tutvid, you can learn 10 hidden Photoshop tricks that are sure to improve your images.

Nathaniel Dodson covers a lot of ground, roughly two minutes per tip, so you may want to watch the video two or three times. The topics include techniques from using channels to create black-and-white images, to Photoshop’s Rubber Band and Preserving Transparency features and much more.

You can see more from Tutvid on their YouTube channel. And be sure to watch last week’s video tutorial on adding detail and texture to your images with Lightroom.

Via ISO 1200