Landscape Tutorial: 5 Tips & Tricks for Shooting Stunning Winter Photographs (VIDEO)

Winter provides a variety of opportunities for making stunning nature photos. But whether you’re shooting near home or in the wilderness, this final season of the year also presents unique challenges that must be overcome if you want to achieve great results.

In this tutorial, Romanian landscape photographer Toma Bonciu offers five helpful tips and tricks for making the most of beautiful winter scenes. The emphasis in the video below, is avoiding all the things that can go wrong when shooting outdoors this time of the year.

In perhaps his most important tip, Bonciu explains how to use exposure compensation so that a snow-covered landscape scene doesn’t fool your camera’s light meter—resulting in images with gray, rather that white, snow. You’ll learn why EV compensation is necessary, anywhere from ½ to 2 stops, depending upon the brightness of the snow and the amount of sun reflecting upon the surface.

Bonciu also discusses how to avoid the blue cast that’s so common when photographing winter scenes. This occurs because snow tends to reflect the color of the sky, and while it’s possible to correct for this problem in post processing, Bonciu explains how to get things right in the camera with a simple color balance setting.

To learn the details of these and Bonciu’s other helpful tips, all you have to do is watch the video. There’s more valuable information on Bonciu’s YouTube channel, as well as in a recent landscape tutorial we shared from another top pro.