Landscape Photography Beginners ALWAYS Make This Same Mistake (VIDEO)

If you're just starting out with landscape photography, you've likely made this exposure mistake with your photos. Even professional photographer Mark Denney has made this critical error because, like all photographers, he was a beginner once too.

"This mistake is something I'm all too familiar with as well as this is something I did for the first few years of my photography journey," Denney admits. "And this exposure issue isn't just something that beginners fall into, but it also impacts all levels of photographers whether you're a beginner or a professional. Like many photography mistakes this is simple to resolve once you understand what the issue actually is."

In the below video, Denney explains what this exposure error is in landscape photography and how to prevent it going forward.

"When you're first getting started with photography, exposure and the exposure triangle, it can be a bit intimidating," Denney says. "I think many beginners and even folks that have been into photography for years always use the tried-and-true LCD method, which is if the image on the back of the LCD looks good, then fire away. But what you see on your LCD isn't necessarily an accurate representation as to what's going to come out on the other end. A natural progression from this method is to begin focusing on the histogram to determine that reasonable exposure. A step beyond that is the great debate, which will certainly open up a Pandora's box."

In the tutorial below, Denney opens that Pandora's box a bit to help you overcome this common exposure mistake in landscape photography. Check it out and see if you were already making this gaffe and, if so, use his method to try to fix it the next time you're out in the field for a shoot.