Keep Your Photographs Safe with This “Essential” Backup Solution (VIDEO)

We’ve all heard disaster stories about photographers who lost all of their images due to a computer or hard drive failure. So do yourself a BIG favor and watch the video below, explaining a safe method for backing up all your precious files.

In this tutorial, British landscape photographer Adam Karnacz demonstrates the straightforward workflow he developed for staying organized and protecting his images. The idea is to simplify your digital life by not having to worry about a tragic glitch vaporizing your photographs.

According to Karnacz, “The first theory of a good backup solution is to have two copies of all of your work.” And as you’ll see in the video, Karnacz backs up his images as soon as possible, beginning with the Auto Backup feature in his DSLR.

Don’t worry if your camera doesn’t offer Auto Backup capability, because the meat of Karnacz’ approach begins when he returns home after a shoot. As you’ll see, his workflow involves the computer, external drives, and even the cloud. It takes some time to set up a backup system, and you can modify this approach to suit your needs, but we’ll say it again: This is really essential.

There are more great tips on Karnacz’ YouTube channel, and in our earlier post with his recommended camera settings for landscape photography.