Is It Better to Photograph Sunrises or Sunsets? Tom Mackie Answers the Eternal Question (VIDEO)

It’s something just about every landscape photographer has thought of at some point: should I shoot a sunrise or a sunset? Of course, there is no right answer to this question. It all depends on circumstance and personal preference.

In the below video though, photographer Tom Mackie of Landscape Photography iQ weighs in on this popular topic and discusses which he prefers and why. He then shares his sunrise landscape photography tips on how to shoot stunning sunrise images.

Mackie also discusses techniques for sunset landscape photography and how he has been able to capture a wide range of dramatic shots using different camera settings and preparation.

Watch the video below and then share which you prefer – sunrises or sunsets – in the comments below. You can check out more of Mackie’s great landscape videos on the Landscape Photography iQ channel.

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