These Are the Best Filters for Landscape Photography, According to Photographer Tom Mackie

Photographer Tom Mackie of Landscape Photography iQ says he’s so frequently asked what the best filters for landscape photography are, he decided to create a series of videos on the topic. Mackie’s plan is to eventually turn the series into a full-blown landscape photography filters tutorial but, for now, check out the first installment below.

In this first clip, Mackie shares what he considers to be the best filter system for landscape photography. He also discusses tips on how to spend your money wisely on the best filter kits for landscape photography, and the order in which he would purchase particular filters. Finally, Mackie also discusses how to use a polarizer filter and provides example images with and without a polarizer to see how much of a difference it makes.

Of course, photo filters are an “evergreen” gear topic for landscape photographers and Shutterbug has done several pieces of our own. Check out links to previous photography filter stories from Shutterbug columnist Jon Sienkiewicz below.

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