How to Take the Perfect Selfie: Self Portrait Tips from Brandon Woelfel (VIDEO)

Admit it: we've all, at one time, taken a selfie. There's no shame in it! The history of self-portraiture in both photography and painting goes back to the very beginning of these artforms.  

But whether your selfie is just a quick, duck-lipped snapshot to tease your Instagram followers, or a well-crafted self-portrait that's a true artistic representation of your soul, depends on how you take the shot. And if you don't know how to shoot a good self-portrait and would really like to learn, photographer Brandon Woelfel has a helpful selfie tutorial below.

"For me, personally, there are so many times when I'm in the mood to shoot or create but there's no one around to do it with," Woelfel says. "So today I'm going to go over some of my favorite tips and techniques that I utilize when taking my own self-portraits."

Check out Woelfel's selfie how-to below where he shares practical, technical and artistic advice on how to shoot the perfect self-portrait. Then go visit and subscribe to his awesome YouTube channel for more great photography videos.

"Self-portraits can definitely be challenging but it's super rewarding once you capture that shot you love because you did it all yourself," Woelfel adds.