How to Shoot the Perfect Headshot: 5 Quick Tips from Portrait Master Peter Hurley (VIDEO)

If you've seen any of his tutorials either online or at trade shows, you know that Peter Hurley is the King of the Headshot. So, what's his secret for getting perfect portraits for his clients?

Hurley is the first to admit that it's nothing complicated. In fact, it's all about "keeping it simple," and simply making sure your subjects look confident and approachable in their photos.

In the below video from B&H, Hurley offers his "5 Quick Tips for Getting a Great Headshot." Here they are:

#1 Keep It Simple

"If you look at my work over the years it just becomes simpler and simpler and simpler," he says.

#2 Keep a Consistent Portfolio

"People have got to know what they're coming in for when they go to you. What do you produce? What is your work like? Make sure your shots match each other."

#3 Get the Jawline Out

"If you haven't seen 'It's All About the Jaw,' maybe you've been living under a rock. It's got like four million views on YouTube. It is my #1 tip usually. Don't let anybody live in 'Double Chinsville."

#4 It's All About the Squnich

"Where does confidence come from in a human being? It comes from the eyes."

#5 Confidence & Approachability

"If you couple confidence and approachability, you've got the winning shot."