How to Shoot GREAT Photos in BAD Weather: Rain Portrait Photography Tips (VIDEO)

Don't let a little bad weather ruin your photo shoot. Sometimes a rainy day can make for an attractive portrait: you've just got to make sure your photos don't end up being all wet. (And that you protect your camera gear if it's not waterproof.)

In the below video, portrait photographer Anita Sadowska shows you how to do a rain photo shoot and come out high and dry, gear included.

"Today I'm going to be chatting with you about how to take photos in weather that is not ideal," Sadowska says. "As you can see in this photo shoot the weather was less than perfect. It was pretty overcast. I knew it was going to be lashing rain very soon so I just wanted to take advantage of the moodiness and still create some sort of an interesting story."

In the clip, Sadowska captures model "tracksuitbae" at the beach during what, at first, seems like an ideal day. As you'll see, however, things begin to quickly take a turn for the worse.

"So, to make this particular shoot work with the weather I decided to go for something a bit more dramatic and something a bit more extreme," she adds. "In this particular scenario my model had really beautiful blonde hair so I kind of wanted to play with that mermaid vibe."

To see how Sadowska exploits this slinky mermaid look when the rain starts to come down, watch the video below. Then go connect with her channel to see all her awesome portrait content. On the flipside, if you want to see how to shoot rain portraits when there is no rain, check out this video from Matt Granger with a creative DIY hack using a garden hose.