How to Shoot Dreamy and Colorful Portraits on the Cheap (VIDEO)

You don't need a lot of money to shoot dramatically colorful portraits. In fact, you can do it in your home studio or even just your home if you follow the photography tips of Tajreen&Co in the below video tutorial for photographers on a budget.

"Wondering how to beat the early-sunset blues this winter? Well get ready to toss daylight aside like yesterday's news, because you're about to feel the sweet embrace of colored flash photography," Tajreen says. "In this video, Chloe and I tackle one of our most exciting shoots yet using the combined power of all the glitter, sequins, and gels we own. This video not only dives deep into how to nail gorgeous colored light photography on a budget, but it also gives you a glimpse of how messy my apartment gets after shoots (I swear it was clean before Chloe arrived!). So, grab your camera, flash, and a whole bunch of glitter, because you're DEFINITELY going to want to try this at home."

Tajreen and Chloe team up to do this portrait photography shoot right in Tajreen's living room using only seven relatively inexpensive photo (and non-photo) accessories:

#1 Colorful backdrop

#2 Light stands

#3 Off camera flashes

#4 Sample gel pack

#5 Wireless triggers

#6 Star filter

#7 Ultra sheer tights

Watch the fun and easy portrait photography tutorial below and then go visit Tajreen&Co's YouTube channel for more great videos including this one with four easy Lightroom tips for portrait photography.