How to Pose Models: 5 Portrait Photography Tips (VIDEO)

Here are some great portrait photography tips to try out this weekend. In the below video on B&H's channel, pro photographer Dave Krugman shares his 5 tips on how to pose models during a photo shoot for both outdoor and indoor portrait photography.

#1 Get to Know Your Model

#2 Less Is More

#3 Communication

#4 Be Aware of Backgrounds

#5 Pose for Other Photographers

"Nothing will help you understand what it's like to model than doing it yourself," Krugman says about his fifth tip. "And understanding what kind of direction helps how to make somebody feel comfortable. Because if you experience those emotions yourself, you'll bring that back to the other side of the camera again and be much more successful with your craft."

Watch the short, sweet and helpful tutorial below and if you need extra help with posing of subjects, check out these three videos as well:

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