How NOT to Clean Your Camera Unless You Need a Really Expensive Paperweight (VIDEO)

There are a variety of technician-approved methods for cleaning a camera’s sensor, but the cringeworthy video below is definitely not one of them. And just in case you’re watching this “tutorial” with the volume turned down and you are seriously lacking in common sense, what you see below is meant to be humor.

Photographer Yiannis Pavlis was evidently disappointed with “dirty photos” and decided to clean his Canon EOS 5D Mark II and 24-105mm lens by soaking the gear in soapy water to get rid of all the dirt, grime and sensor dust.

Not only does this “foolproof” method avoid wasting money on a camera-cleaning kit, but it’s really simple: As Pavis explains, “soak ‘em really good and put some soap.” And be sure to rinse everything off, inside and out, with a high-pressure hose!

By now you’ve probably realized that the gear Pavlis used for this crazy demo was already trashed, but the whole thing is pretty funny nonetheless. Be sure to watch another video we posted with an equally ill-advised method for “cleaning” $93,000 worth of gear, and check out the following story if you want to know the correct way to clean your camera’s sensor.

Via Picture Correct

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I wonder how many people have actually done this? lol Videos like this make me sick, especially how much money was wasted here.