This Is How to Get Perfectly Exposed & Razor SHARP Landscape Photos EVERY Time (VIDEO)

What if there was a technique to help you get perfectly exposed and razor sharp photos every time? According to landscape pro Mark Denney, there is but he didn't know how effective it really was until he put it to the test in the below video.

In the tutorial, Denney sets out to see if you can combine two tried-and-true methods – exposure bracketing and focusing stacking – to help achieve this optimal result. The short answer is yes, he says, and the process is "much easier than you might think."

"I'll walk you through how I go about creating an exposure bracketed series of photos and at the same time creating a focus stack series as well," he explains. "The on-location portion of this process is very straight forward and so is the actual post processing aspect of combining the images together which I walk you through in this video as well."

Watch below as he takes you through the procedure, step-by-step.

"Exposure bracketing and focus stacking might be two of the most powerful techniques in landscape photography," Denney says. "And understanding how to accomplish both at the same time is something that can prove to be extremely useful in certain situations that you could potentially find yourself in while on-location."

The next time you have to set up a shot that requires focus stacking and is also a high dynamic range scene that requires multiple exposure brackets, just remember this lesson and you'll get perfectly exposed and sharp landscape images every time. After you watch the video, go subscribe to Denney's excellent YouTube channel.