How to Cut Out Hair in Photoshop: 5 Tips & Tricks (VIDEO)

Working with hair selections for cut-outs in Photoshop is no easy task but hopefully the below video from Nathaniel Dodson at Tutvid will help turn you into a virtual barber on your portraits in no time.

"Hair is kind of the pinnacle of selections in Photoshop, hair and transparent stuff," Dodson says. "But hair is both fine and sort of semi-transparent, so it touches all the bases."

In the below tutorial, Dodson share five tips and tricks (and three bonus tricks!) on how to cut out hair in Photoshop. In the video, Dodson discusses how he cuts out hair in Photoshop smoothly while using the Select & Mask tools, as well as the refine edge brush. He also shares a a Soft Light blend mode trick, and explains how to create a custom hair brush, and much more in his complete guide to cutting out hair in Photoshop CC.

Here are all the tips he talks about in the below clip

#1 Split Body from Hair

#2 Select & Mask Brushes + Decontaminate Colors

#3 Get Rid of Haze and Halos (Levels & Soft Light)

#4 Custom Hair Brush + Masking

#5 Clone with Hair Brush

Bonus Tip #1: Rough Selections Are a Good Starting Point

Bonus Tip #2: Compose the Image Early

Bonus Tip #3 Dodge or Burn Hair Edges

Check out more of Dodson's awesome software tutorials on Tutvid's YouTube channel. For another cool Photoshop trick, watch this video on the best way to whiten teeth in Photoshop.