How to Crush Street Photography in 2019: More Tips from Pierre T. Lambert (VIDEO)

Pierre T. Lambert's street photography how-to videos are some of his most popular and now he's back with the latest installment for 2019. Called "Crushing Street Photography in 2019," Lambert shares more street photography tips including what settings to use and what gear is the best for capturing life on the street.

Lambert's first video on street photography appeared on his YouTube channel nearly a year ago and has since racked up over 310,000 views (and counting.) In his new video, he says his approach to street photography has changed a bit since then.

"Let's talk about settings. What has changed?" Lambert says. "Well, first of all, when I approach street photography, the first thing I do is I always try to understand what kind of condition I'm going to be shooting in. Am I going to have a lot of inside or outside, strong shadows or not strong shadows? Are the settings going to be pretty consistent or not? That, nowadays, has a huge impact on my shooting style."

Watch the clip below where he explains how his choice of settings while shooting street has evolved, moving towards a more balanced Aperture Priority/Manual shooting approach. And then go visit (and subscribe) to Lambert's YouTube channel for more photography videos on a range of subjects. But if street photography is your bag, you should also watch this second part street photography video from last year with even more tips.