How to Create Jaw-Dropping Vintage Photos in 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

These days, everyone likes throwbacks. Whether it's retro-style cameras, vintage lenses, or even analog photography and film, classic things, by their very nature, never go out of style.

That holds true visually, as well. It's the reason we are still fond of black-and-white photography and feature length movies shot in monochrome. But photos don't, necessarily, have to be in black-in-white to have a vintage look. In the below tutorial, portrait photographer Manny Ortiz shows you how to shoot jaw-dropping vintage photos in color in just three minutes.

As usual, his throwback photography video features his model wife Diana who dresses the part in a vintage dress with retro jewelry, and classic styling for her hair and makeup.

"Diana had a great idea for a shoot, she wanted to do something vintage," Ortiz explains. "She put together the whole outfit and the props and everything so it's my job to put the photo together in terms of lighting, aesthetics and stuff like that."

First Ortiz shows a vintage photo that was the inspiration for his shoot with Diana.

"It was clear to me that this is a two-light setup," he notes. "There's one light on her left, and then a spotlight directly behind her head. So, I thought to myself: what if I use a strip box with a grid so I can control the light spill and keep the background as dark as possible."

Watch below as Ortiz creates a simple two-light setup to light Diana in a classic, high contrast way. His lighting choices actually reminds us of another tutorial from Tuesday on how to shoot striking boudoir photos with simple, moody lighting.

Check it out below and see if you can duplicate Ortiz's stunning vintage style during your next portrait shoot.