This Is How to Consistently Get the Right Exposure Using Manual Mode on Your Camera (VIDEO)

Photographer Sean Tucker has a message for photographers who might have a phobia about using their camera’s manual mode. Get over your fear! Understanding manual mode is critical to nailing exposure, which he fully explains in the below video.

Manual mode, according to Tucker, is how he is able to get the right exposure when shooting in changing/variable light conditions in his photography.

“A lot of my street photography is made up of contrasty images where the majority of the frame falls to deep shadow,” he says. “The question I get asked most is 'how do you expose for this sort of shot'? The short answer is 'Manual Mode'... and the long answer is this video. I try and break down exactly how to expose correctly for any scene using aperture, shutter speed and ISO to balance your exposure triangle. This is probably a good video for any amateurs out there who are looking to take more control of their photography. “

At the beginning of the video, Tucker notes that shooting in manual mode is nothing to brag about, it’s just something that works for him.

“Now let me say right up front: I don’t think I’m better than anyone because I shoot in manual mode,” he explains. “And I’m not some kind of snob that says you should always shoot in manual mode or you’re not a real photographer because that’s obviously rubbish. If you shoot aperture priority or whatever you choose to use as a mode and it works for you, absolutely carry on. But what I want to share in this video is why I choose to shoot in manual mode and why for the sort of photography I do, whether its studio photography or portraits outdoor or street photography, for me shooting in manual mode, I actually find it easier and I find it faster to get the exposure that I actually want in camera.”  

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