Here’s Why You Don’t Always Need to Use Manual Mode to Shoot Better Photos (VIDEO)

Photographer Pierre T. Lambert wants to debunk a photographic myth. No, you don’t need to shoot in manual mode to take better photos, he says. It’s actually a lot more important to hone your photographic vision and not get bogged down in stressing over technical skills you might or might NOT need.

Or to paraphrase Bobby McFerrin: Don’t worry, shoot happy.

“This is DSLR tutorial and a mirrorless tutorial,” Lambert says. “To take better photos people told me to ditch Auto on my camera to shoot Manual. Today I want to say don't shoot in Manual. Save time. Focus on what matters in an image. Shoot in these camera modes to focus on taking better photos, not just having more ‘technical’ skills.”

On the other hand, he also advises against shooting in full Auto mode as well. Which mode does he actually recommend you use with your camera? Lambert explains it all in the his video below, which was shot on the streets of Manila in the Philippines.

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