Here's What NOT to Say When You're About to Photograph Someone (VIDEO)

Professional portrait photographer and Shutterbug contributor Jessica Sterling knows a lot about photographing people. She also knows that a photo shoot can quickly go awry if you say the wrong thing.

Yes, the words you use when talking to your subject matter almost as much (if not more) than the camera or lens you use to capture them. In the below video from Advancing Your Photography, Sterling shares several things you should NEVER say during a portrait session.

As you might guess, much of what she suggests pertains to being sensitive to your subject, so you can put them at ease and get a more relaxed, natural-looking portrait. Along with explaining what you shouldn't say, Sterling gives some great advice on what you should say instead.

So, check it out and then go hop over to Advancing Your Photography's YouTube channel for more great photography videos. Check out Sterling's photography on her website and watch this video she did for Shutterbug with 9 Quick Tips to Make You an Event Photography Pro.