Here's Some Great Landscape Photography Advice for Beginners

When he was just starting out as a landscape photographer, Mark Denney received some advice he'll never forget. In the below video, Denney shares that advice in hopes it will help beginner photographers as it did him back in the day.

"I spent a great deal of time reflecting on all the advice I collected that had the largest positive impact on my landscape photography and was able to narrow the list down to nine items," Denney says. "This advice either had an immense positive impact on my progression in photography, helped in my overall enjoyment of landscape photography, or both."

In the video below, he rates the nine pieces of advice in order of importance, with #1 representing the best piece of advice he ever received for improving his landscape photography.

"I think, as beginners, it's important to observe advice given by others, albeit not all advice is great advice, but it's up to you to determine if it's advice you think you could benefit from - ultimately deciding if it's something you want to apply to your landscape photography or something you want to avoid," Denney adds. "Either way, understanding what to do is as equally as important as understanding what not to do."

Watch the video and then go visit Denney's channel for more great photography advice. On the flipside, Denney also recently produced a video with nine pieces of BAD advice he received as a beginner. It's worth checking out as well.