Here's How to Use the Auto Settings in Lightroom To Make Your Images Instantly Pop (VIDEO)

The below Lightroom tutorial is so short and to the point, it doesn’t need much set up. In the video, Photoshop expert and photographer Benjamin Warde demonstrates that while Lightroom is a vast and complex piece of software, sometimes handy quick fixes are all you need.

Warde takes less than a minute to show how to get the most out of using the Auto settings in Lightroom Classic CC. All it takes is a couple of clicks to automatically set the tones in your image – including Exposure, Contrast, Highlights and others – in a pleasing manner. While Auto in previous versions of Lightroom offered basic adjustments, since version 7.1, Lightroom now automatically analyzes the content of your photo to provide a better starting point for your edits.

Warde also shows how you don’t, necessarily, need to use Auto to adjust all the tone sliders at once but, instead, you can automatically tweak a single slider, such as if you only want to change the White point in an image. Pretty neat. Here’s another neat fix from Shutterbug’s Scott Kelby where he shows you how Lightroom will automatically sort images by date for you.