Quick Explainer: How Shutter Speed, ISO & Aperture Help Create a Perfect Exposure (VIDEO)

While everyone here probably has a good understanding of how to arrive at a proper exposure by manipulating aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings, a quick refresher is always helpful. The short video below provides just that and includes a few other important bits of technical advice on how to capture high quality photos.

This animated tutorial comes from the new YouTube channel Some Stuff Explained and not only offers a visual explanation of the aperture/ISO/shutter speed “exposure triangle” but includes some valuable information on exposure compensation, the “Sunny 16 Rule” and how all these variables combine to affect the noise and depth in field in a properly exposed image.

There’s a lot of good information in this video and it speeds by quite fast, so you may want to watch it twice. (Trust us on this one.)

For a more detailed discussion of exposure settings and creativity, take a look at this article from our archives. And be sure to watch this video on how camera lenses work, and another on the science behind digital camera sensors

There’s always something to learn, right?

Via PetaPixel