Here's How to Pose Men Who Are NOT Models for More Attractive Portraits (VIDEO)

Photographer Julia Trotti's fans have been asking her to do a video on how to pose males who are not models for portrait photos for some time, and this year she finally delivered. And, no surprise since there's been a big demand, the tutorial was her most popular of the year, garnering over a million views on YouTube, and counting.

Shot on location in Warsaw, Poland with her non-model, Karel, Trotti shares her tips while demonstrating a variety of poses.

"The first thing when it comes to posing males, especially, is I feel like the hands are usually the most awkward part of the body to move around and to pose," she explains. "So, it's okay to get a few photos with hands just by your side but I think something really important is to have some poses in mind to do with your hands."

Learn Trotti's male non-model posing tips in the below video and then go visit her YouTube channel for more helpful photography tutorials including this one where she offers tips on how to use natural light to shoot stunning portraits.