Here's How to Get SHARP Photos at Night without a Tripod (VIDEO)

Don't be afraid of the dark and you can leave your tripod at home! That's photographer/educator Serge Ramelli's advice in the below video on how to capture sharp photos at night without using a tripod.

"You've been in the situation where you have an amazing view from a high balcony of a beautiful city like New York and you have your camera and tripods are not allowed," Ramelli says. "How do you take a cool photo? I want to show you this really cool trick because I cannot tell you how many times I missed opportunities because tripods were not allowed, and I wanted to take a night photo."

Ramelli adds that while his night photography "trick" doesn't produce "the highest quality image ever, it still works great."

"If you take your photos with the maximum aperture possible and put your camera around 1200 ISO and use the self-timer of two seconds," he notes, "you should be able to take sharp photos. I will show you also how to correct white balance issues with night photos."

Watch the tutorial below where he demonstrates the technique and don't forget to download Ramelli's free source files here so you can follow along. Then go check out his excellent YouTube channel for more great photography videos.