Here's How to Fix Skin Tones in Portraits Using ONE BUTTON in Photoshop (VIDEO)

In the simple portrait editing how-to below, PiXimperfect's Unmesh Dinda shares "a powerful trick to get perfect skin tones with just one button in Photoshop."

To produce gorgeous skin tones in your portraits in Photoshop, the first you need to do is download a free skin color palette provided by Dinda here.

"Using advanced sampling, learn how to use the Curves Adjustment Layer to create custom samples, and apply them to the skin," Dinda says. To follow along with Dinda's portrait Photoshop edits, you can download his free sample image here.

Watch his short, 3.5-minute Photoshop tutorial below and you'll be editing your skin tones to perfection in no time. Then go hit up the PiXimperfect YouTube channel for more software tutorials.