Here's How to EASILY Master Manual Mode on Your Camera to Capture Perfectly Exposed Photos

Using manual mode on your camera can be intimidating to beginners. But it doesn't have to be. Even more importantly, you can easily use manual (i.e. M mode) on your camera to capture perfect exposed photos every time.

In the below video, photographer Mark Denney, who always does a great job of explaining seemingly complicated things simply, discusses how to effortlessly master your camera's manual mode. In the tutorial, Denney explains how using manual will help you nail the ideal exposure for landscape photos.

"I'm personally not one that believes using manual mode automatically makes you a better photographer and I don't think manual mode automatically makes better photos either," Denney says. "I do however believe that understanding how to use manual mode is what matters most in order to improve your landscape photography. Whether or not you actually use it isn't as important as the knowledge you gain from merely understanding how manual mode can positively impact your photography."

In the clip, Denney goes over an easy step-by-step process that helped him "finally understand the inner workings of manual mode."

"It doesn't matter what type of camera you use; manual mode is manual mode regardless of the brand or style of camera you're using, and this process should help resolve any confusion you may have," he adds.  "I recall when I was new to landscape photography the mere thought of using manual mode made be quiver with angst and no matter how many videos I watched or articles I read on the topic, I still didn't understand it."

Watch the video and start shooting manual mode today. You won't regret it. And don't forget to subscribe to Denney's channel for more helpful, easy-to-understand tutorials.