Here Are 7 Ways to Fix Common Photo Mistakes in Lightroom (VIDEO)

Whether you’re new to Lightroom or a seasoned image-editing veteran, the following tutorial has something for you, with seven essential techniques for fixing problems commonly found in photographs.

This 20-minute video from Lightroom expert Nathaniel Dodson takes a close look at a number of common shooting errors we all make on occasion, from incorrect exposure and unnatural colors, to crooked horizons and skewed perspectives. Dodson then offers simple solutions for making the necessary corrections in Lightroom.

Dodson begins with the vexing problem of under- or overexposed images, and uses four different photos to demonstrate how Lightroom’s Exposure slider and Histogram tool combine to provide a simple and effective fix. Another problem with a quick repair involves using Lightroom’s Eyedropper tool for color correcting unsightly tints in photographs.

The techniques Dodson illustrates are appropriate for images shot indoors and out, and he includes tips for fixing both color and black-and-white photographs. Whether you shoot landscapes, portraits, or architectural photos, you’ll find several techniques for improving your work. Best yet, the solutions he provides are simple to execute and extremely effective.

You can find more editing help on Dodson’s YouTube channel, as well as in his earlier tutorial with 20 editing tips and tricks in Photoshop and Lightroom.