Here Are 6 Ways You Can Use a Mirror to Shoot Mind-blowing Photos (VIDEO)

Sometimes a simple prop is all it takes to change a typical photo into something truly unique. In the below video from COOPH, they show you how adding just a mirror to a scene can transform a dull portrait into a mind-blowing photo.

"Mirror, mirror off the wall," COOPH says. "Our mirrors didn't tell us too much about our appearance, but they surely helped us to bring some unique scenes to life. So, think about different kinds of reflections yourself, get creative and try it out!"

Here are the six ways they show you how to use a mirror in a scene for fantastical photography:

#1 Mosaics

#2 Mirror Playground

#3 Symmetry

#4 Trans-Reflection

#5 Infinity

#6 Montage

The video reminds us of another simple how-to tutorial we shared recently showing five ways you can use a piece of glass in a scene to create a cool portrait

Check out COOPH's video below and then go visit their YouTube channel for more eye-opening photo tutorials.