Here Are 3 Mistakes That Nearly All Beginner Photographers Make (& How to Fix Them)

Do you find yourself making the same photography mistakes over and over again? Or do your images look a little blah and you can’t figure out why? It could be simply that you’re a beginner photographer who needs an experienced set of eyes to tell you what you’re doing wrong.

Photographer and educator Benjamin Jaworskyj is that experienced set of eyes you’ve been waiting for. In the below video, Jaworskyj talks about three crucial mistakes that “99% of all photography beginners make.”

“For all of the mistakes, I will give you some solutions, so you can avoid them in the future,” he says. “And all of them I recognized that (beginner photographers) were doing round me and, of course, also by people attending my workshops. So, you can learn something great now.”

Here are the three beginner photography mistakes that Jaworskyj explains in the videos as well as offering solutions.

#1 Not Enough Images

#2 Too Much in Your Image

#3 Shutter Speed

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Watch more of Jaworskyj’s excellent photography videos on his YouTube channel.

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