Here Are 10 “Must Know” Photoshop Features for Those Who Are Serious About Photography (VIDEO)

Photographer Nathaniel Dodson is one of our go-to sources of helpful tutorials that unlock the secrets of Photoshop. In the comprehensive video below, he reveals 10 tips and tricks he says changed the way he works and have been “massively helpful” in improving his images.

This video is a bit longer than most, so you may want to watch it twice and bookmark it for future reference, but by learning these techniques you’ll ultimately find yourself working faster and more effectively when you edit your images.

Dodson covers a wide variety of important topics from luminosity masks, color correction, and selective sharpening, to explaining the difference between vibrance and saturation and offering non-destruction techniques for healing and cloning.

You can find more helpful videos from Dodson on his YouTube channel, and be sure to watch one of his tutorials we posted earlier, teaching you improve landscape photos by replacing a boring sky.