Here’s all the Inspiration You Need to Get Up Early and Capture Magical Photos of Blue Hour (VIDEO)

Marcin Lewandowski is a Polish-born photographer currently based in Cork Ireland. He’s known for both editorial and documentary work, and after watching the video below you’ll understand why his specialty is what he calls “visual storytelling.”

In less than five minutes, Lewandowski demonstrates his passion for shooting during “blue hour”—the magical time, also called twilight, that begins about an hour before sunrise. It’s at the onset of blue hour when you can begin to discern objects in the landscape, while the sun is still below the horizon.

This isn’t a typical tutorial full of shooting tips and gear recommendations, but rather a visual meditation encouraging you to put the coffee pot on a timer, set the alarm clock, and awaken in time to photograph the ethereal moments before dawn.

You can view a selection of Lewandowski’s work on his website, and find more interesting videos on the AdoramaTV YouTube channel. And be sure to look at another story we posted, with several great tips for shooting before sunrise and after sunset.