Here’s How to Use Your DSLR’s Manual Settings to Shoot Awesome Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

The video below is a follow-up to yesterday’s primer on understanding and using a camera’s Shutter Priority exposure mode. In this tutorial, British pro Adam Kappa demonstrates how to make awesome landscape photos using a DSLR’s manual settings.

While the notion of switching a camera’s mode dial to “M” may seem intimidating to less-experienced photographers, Kappa takes a beginners approach to explaining the nuances of using manual modes to make better photographs.

In less than eight minutes, Kappa will alleviate your fears of going manual, and he begins with a simple explanation of exposure settings, and how to take full control by setting ISO, shutter speed, and aperture yourself. As you’ll see, depending upon what you’re trying to achieve, the sequence in which you make these settings is important.

Kappa uses photographs to illustrate how images appear when you select a proper shutter speed, ISO, and f/stop, as well as how they look when you don’t. The tips also include using manual settings to control depth of field, motion, focus, and other variables that contribute to successful photographs.

You can find more great advice on Kappa’s YouTube channel. And if you missed yesterday’s primer on shooting in Shutter Priority mode, be sure and take a look. More info on his website: