Here’s How to Shoot Great Portrait Photos at Home with a Simple & Dramatic Color Palette (VIDEO)

Unless you’re a professional portrait photographer with a well-equipped studio, the best way to make pleasing people pictures is to keep things simple and either shoot outdoors under good light, or use a basic indoor setup at home. In this tutorial, you’ll see how to do the latter with a technique that delivers dramatic results.

In less than eight minutes, professional photographer Gavin Hoey demonstrates how to combine a simple background with a limited color palette to create eye-popping portraits that will make you proud. The idea is to match the color of the background to a few props and the model’s wardrobe.

You’ll watch Hoey begin with a blue background, a similarly attired subject, and a few blue props. With the proper eye makeup, or vivid blue sunglasses, he creates some very striking portraits. Hoey’s second setup takes the same approach, this time with red as the wardrobe color, while using colored gels to make a gray background match.

Hoey explains how to determine proper exposure settings with a simple lighting technique. Follow his advice, and you’ll be creating professional looking portraits in no time.

You can find more cool tips on the AdoramaTV YouTube channel and in Hoey’s earlier tutorial explaining how to make candlelit portraits with a unique snow effect.