Here’s How to Do Full Body Retouching of Swimsuit Photos Using Photoshop (Video Tutorial)

How does swimwear photographer Anita Sadowska do it? That’s the question we ask again and again while checking out her jaw-dropping swimsuit photos.

In Sadowska’s latest video below she shares her swimwear retouching techniques in a helpful 16-minute Photoshop tutorial. The video is impressive because she demonstrates how to do full body retouching, rather than just minor alterations, which can be tricky for swimsuit photography.

“I think a lot people struggle with it, with retouching legs and maybe something like tan marks and so on, and I want to show you that it’s not that scary,” she says.  

Watch the video below where she takes you through every step of the way during a full body edit of a swimsuit model using Photoshop. You should also read her article on SLR Lounge where she talks about her approach to this particular edit, with image samples.

See more of her awesome tutorials on her YouTube channel. Here are links to two of Sadowska’s other swimwear videos that we have featured recently:

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Via SLR Lounge