Here’s How to Capture the Mood of Rainy Days and Convert Your Photos to B&W in Lightroom (VIDEO)

Landscape photographers who always stow their gear when the weather turns bad miss out on a whole realm of unique opportunities. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to shoot images that capture the essence of moody, rainy days, and make dramatic black-and-white conversions of your photos in Lightroom.

Nigel Danson is an accomplished British nature photographer, and in the video below you’ll see why a struggle against the elements is often worthwhile. He provides some very solid advice on making the most of inclement weather, even if it means shooting from beneath an umbrella or inside your car.

As you watch Danson battle dense fog and intermittent heavy rain, you’ll pick up some great tips on composition, lens choice, and exposure settings. About halfway through the tutorial he demonstrates a straightforward Lightroom workflow for converting the images to black and white, to further accentuate the moods of the day.

You can find more helpful videos on Danson’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at an earlier tutorial of his we shared, with seven tips for shooting creative fall photographs. And don’t miss this morning’s post, describing a unique weatherproof photo jacket with pockets for carrying all your gear.