Here’s How to “Cure” Sunburn with a 5-Minute Dose of Photoshop (VIDEO)

Now that we’re officially in the throes of summer, there’s a good chance you may confront the challenge of making a decent photograph of someone with a serious case of sunburn. You can take the sting out of this task by watching the simple Photoshop tutorial below.

Nathaniel Dodson is an image-editing expert, and in this video he demonstrates a few simple tips to alleviate the dreaded red face. He begins by converting the layer you’re working on to a “smart object” and choosing Photoshop’s Camera Raw filter to apply the remedy.

The quick task involves using the Hue/Saturation sliders to shift colors and manipulate saturation. Then a quick visit to the Luminance tab brightens up the previously red areas and blend in the tones.

You can find more helpful tips on Dodson’s YouTube channel, and be sure to watch another five-minute tutorial we posted on using off-camera flash for better outdoor portraits.