Here’s an Easy Way to Fix Harsh Lighting and Shadows in Lightroom (VIDEO)

Here’s a great Lightroom tutorial to help fix an everyday photography problem. You’ve shot, what you think, are some great portraits only to realize the lighting is too harsh and has cast unflattering shadows on your subject.

In the below video, photographer Julia Trotti shows you how to fix harsh lighting and shadows quickly and easily with the help of Lightroom. Trotti says she uses “this method quite often when I try different natural lighting scenarios” when shooting portraits.

“I’m going to show you how you can fix up harsh and dark and distracting shadows in a portrait within Lightroom,” she explains in the intro.

In the 9-minute tutorial, Trotti takes you through her step-by-step process of fixing a portrait she shot of a model on a beach. “As you can see, this is a very lovely portrait of our model, however, we do have some bright highlights in this shot and also some really dark shadows which are really obscuring the view of her face,” she says. “In a portrait, I always believe that the eyes are the most important part, so I definitely want them to be a very prominent part of the image and they get kind of lost in this photo.”

Watch the video and then go visit Trotti’s YouTube channel for more great photography videos. Here are three other Lightroom tutorials you should also check out:

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