Here’s an Easy Way to Capture Long Exposure Photos at Night: Shoot to Edit with Pierre T. Lambert

Are you experiencing the winter photography doldrums? You know what we’re talking about: it’s freezing outside; the light, when there is light, is challenging; and there just doesn’t seem to be much to shoot.

If you’ve got the winter photo blahs, you should watch the below tutorial from Pierre T. Lambert, where he shares some easy long exposure photography tips for shooting at night in the dead of winter. Lambert recently moved to Chicago, which has some of the coldest (and bleakest) winters on record.

But rather than stay inside and curse the light (or lack thereof), Lambert decided to hit Chi-town’s streets with long exposure photography expert Coale Souder to capture some striking night shots. In the below video, he shares some easy tips on creating a long exposure night photo from shoot to edit.

“Whenever you’re bored, or whenever you have really bad weather in your city, my recommendation is really to go out at night and to shoot long exposure because it doesn’t matter how the sky is for those (shots),” he says. “It’s really cool, you get different kinds of effects, a new vibe and also it’s kind of fun to explore your city at night.”

Watch Lambert’s video below and download his free night photography cheat sheet here. And then after you do that, watch this video from photographer Evan Ranft where Ranft shares an awesome long exposure photography trick for shooting in daylight.