This Happens When One Newspaper Uses Staff Pros to Shoot the World Series & Another Doesn’t

Baseball fans everywhere were pretty excited Wednesday night when the Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series after an agonizing 108-year wait. While the Cubbies came through in dramatic fashion, the performance of Chicago’s two newspapers covering the event was a mixed bag—at least when it came to photography.

The Chicago Tribune (the 10th largest paper in the U.S.) still has a respected team of staff photographers, including Brian Cassella who shot the dramatic Tribune cover you see below.

The Chicago Sun Times (the country’s 8th largest paper), on the other hand, fired all their photographers in 2013, choosing to train reporters on how to use iPhones and turn to freelance photographers when needed. Their cover was an AP wire photo by David J. Phillip.

We’ll leave it to you to judge the relative merits of each shot, but our takeaway is “Don’t fire your staff photographers.” In the following tweet, St. Louis Post Dispatch photographer David Carson seems to agree.


Via Bored Panda