Go like a Pro With This Do-it-Yourself Home Studio Using the Space you Already Have (VIDEO)

We recently showed you how to build a DIY tabletop “photo studio” on the cheap for photographing small objects. And now, in the video below, you’ll learn how to temporarily convert part of your home into a space for shooting subjects of all sizes.

The video comes to us from the Cooperative of Photography (COOPH), a great source of tips and tricks, as well as apparel and accessories for photographers. In less than four minutes you’ll learn how to create a consistent backdrop, modify your lighting, and take advantage of window light.

The video also explains how to make yourself some inexpensive diffusors, reflectors and a DIY softbox, from items you likely already own.

You can see more interesting stuff on the COOPH YouTube channel and website. And be sure to take a look at the earlier DIY tabletop studio project mentioned above.