Get Great Shots of the Northern Lights with These Tips from Nature Photographer Thomas Heaton (VIDEO)

British nature photographer Thomas Heaton is a master of telling stories with his images and in the video below he reveals some great tips and tricks for making spectacular photos of the Northern Lights.

Heaton traveled to Northern Norway to make this video and despite the harsh climate he says that, “Photographing the Northern Lights is not a lot different than standard landscape photography.”

While Heaton may be understating the rigors of the weather he encountered, his point is that like with other forms of nature photography you need great composition, skill at visual storytelling, and some nice ambient light from the moon and well as the Aurora Borealis.

Enjoy the video below and be sure to check out an earlier tutorial we posted in which Heaton offers helpful information on shooting seascapes. You can find more of Heaton’s work on his Instagram page, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @ShutterbugPix where we’re sharing our favorite photos from our followers