Get Creative with REFLECTIONS on Your Next Photo Walk (VIDEO)

What should you do when creativity is at low ebb, there’s no time to travel to a compelling destination, and you’re simply out of fresh ideas? One simple solution is to take a photo walk in the town where you live (or even around the block from your home).

Photo walks can be a lot of fun, especially if you give yourself an assignment. That might be limiting yourself to a single lens, capturing scenes concentrating on a specific color, photographing interesting buildings, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

This type of challenge can be quite liberating, as you force yourself try something different from your usual routine. In the process you may just get the creative juices flowing once again. So how about giving this a try, with this theme: the creative use of reflections.

The tutorial below comes from our friends at Viewfinder Mastery, an international online community of photographers and professional instructors—all with the common goal of making better images.

In this behind-the-scenes episode you’ll join Viewfinder Mastery’s Director and lead instructor Matt Anderson on a quick photo walk as he explores how to make a variety of eye-catching images with reflections. As you’ll see, opportunities abound, from reflections in puddles, those on glass buildings, and much more.

As Anderson explains, “reflections have always been a huge source of inspiration for photographers, giving us all kinds of ways to make creative images and spice up our compositions.”

In barely 13-minutes you’ll pick up a several great ideas, learn how it’s done, and become familiar with techniques you haven’t tried before. Anderson explains his approach to this particular genre, with helpful tips on composition and exposure. As a bonus, you’ll find a link to his free Gear Guide and Exposure Cheat-Sheet in the description beneath the video.

So if you need a jolt of creativity, this video is a great pace to start. After watching this helpful episode head over to the Viewfinder Mastery YouTube channel where you’ll find a lot more of the same.

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